Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mugo pine 'Medusa'

Celý článek o stromu v češtině si můžete přečíst na Bonsai Rožnov.

This mugo pine is something special for us in terms of lessons of patience :-).

We got the tree in 2004 from an arid slope in local woods, so for a mugo pine it has quite an odd provenience,
In years after its collection it had been behaving as sometimes mugos do: it lost a branch now and then without any obvious reason, but with this individual tree the recovery phase took much longer than usual. Almost till 2010 we could not afford to do any serious intervention, just re-potting and training more compact crown took place.
Finally in 2012 we checked the pine and removed some unnecessary and dead branches, this is how the tree looked after the session.

In fall 2014, ten years after the tree came into our garden, the very first styling was made. I just hope it won´t take another ten years for the second styling :-D...

Height of the tree from bottom of the cascading branch to the top is aprox. 90 cm, training pot is made in china.

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