Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hokaido juniper

Last weekend we met at my friend place to work on juniper.
The tree was mine until I traded it with Honza.

Minulý víkemd jsme se setkali s Honzou, abychom pracovali na tomhle jalovci.



After two years in container.

Po dvou letech v nádobě.

Ready for dead wood cleaning.

Připraven k čištění.



Dead wood cleaned.

After first styling.
První natvarování.

Size comparision with normal sized human.
Srovnání velikosti s člověkem běžné velikosti.


  1. Good result,guys! I like the way how you integrated to the design the long jin which comes out of the front side and gives this section of trunk, otherwise quite straight, nice movement. Have you considered tilting the tree little bit to the left in order to gain more visual stability?
    Anyway, I wolud be very happy to see this tree repotted and matured in the future.

  2. I think that there is no reason to tile it. Tree has great dynamic look. My opinioni is that it don't need stability.

    PS: "normal sized human" - this makes me smile, great collocation